Our Attorneys are frequently retained to challenge an adverse ruling on appeal or to preserve a favorable ruling from a lower court. They also work closely with our firm's trial lawyers to develop comprehensive strategies to position a case for successful resolution in trial proceedings.

Appellate Advocacy
Our Attorneys are experienced in providing concise and forceful appeal briefs and delivering persuasive oral arguments. We are able to identify and argue critical legal issues in light of the applicable standard of review and have a solid track record of favorable appellate results.

Our appellate clients range from public and private companies to individuals. Our firm has handled appeals across a wide range of subject areas, including bankruptcy, contracts, and real estate.

Appellate Assistance Before and During Trial
There are significant benefits to having an appellate lawyer available early in the trial process, especially in venues where error preservation is critical to pursuing an argument on appeal. Our Attorneys frequently work with trial lawyers in such cases. Because our Attorneys know the substantive law and understand the applicable rules and procedures, they can quickly absorb any specialized aspects of complex cases. They can also ensure that issues are properly preserved and that the trial court record includes all evidence necessary to sustain such arguments.
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